In our opening brief in the Court of Appeals today, Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail retraces for the judges MTA’s and FTA’s extensive violations of the National Environmental Policy Act – one of the nation’s bedrock environmental laws. The vigorous brief not only defends the District Court’s order requiring a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement but also exposes the deep flaws in the project and the ways in which MTA and FTA utterly failed to take the “hard look” required at project impacts and alternatives.
Meanwhile, in District Court, the judge today announced that he will take time to assess the “complicated” questions before him and defer until September 19 before deciding whether or not to issue a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent cutting of large trees and other irreparable harm from Purple Line construction. MOST IMPORTANTLY, in that same order, the judge meanwhile put Maryland on notice to “inform all work crews to avoid clearing any trees larger than nine inches in diameter prior to the 20th of September” or else face contempt of court.
To read our filing in the court of appeals see below.
To read the District Court order on our TRO request see below.