We sadly read in the Washington Post that Maryland expects to receive the $900M FTA Purple Line grant (even though the project does not meet numerous requirements of the law).

(1) We need you to call (410-974-3901) or email Governor Larry Hogan and demand that he exercise fiscal responsibility and account for MD’s share of the $16 Billion Metro need before committing taxpayers to the $6 Billion Purple Line requiring a $10/ride subsidy.

We are currently working on our appeal in Federal Court and need your donation today. We also need you to let your friends and neighbors know how the Purple Line is a waste of scarce resources, as well as bad transportation and environmental policy.

(2) We are issuing the following statement:

“Maryland Taxpayers won’t stand for the $6 Billion Purple Line black eye that exacerbates traffic congestion, destroys the environment and takes away funds from real transportation priorities.

The Purple Line Boondoggle’s severely flawed ridership has been politically whitewashed but will continue to be scrutinized in federal court. Meanwhile the negative environmental effects on our water and air quality, plus near round the clock noise pollution and the loss of miles of green space remain to be objectively assessed.”

We urge everyone who cares about these invaluable resources and the policy and accountability that should protect them to act now to help and to stay in touch as we make our push in federal appeals court.

(3) Your support makes a difference!

Your help is needed now more than ever. To make a difference you can donate :


by check to “FRIENDS of the Capital Crescent Trail”, mailed to:

Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail
P.O. Box 5803
Bethesda MD 20824

Your donation sustains this fight for accountability, for sensible transportation policy that serves not just developers but the most people at the lowest cost, and for green space!