The Hogan and Trump Administrations asked the court to dismiss FCCT’s lawsuit on the grounds that no one can stop them now, it is too late, as that is their only defense since they cannot show they have obeyed the law if FCCT gets to the merits in court. FCCT has rebutted Hogan-Trump Administration claims that citizens hurt by their illegal actions cannot stop them in court!

Three reasons FCCT is still fighting for justice:

1. FCCT reminds the Court that the FTA and MTA have admitted that they have no evidence that they meet six of the nine criteria for their $900 Million grant.

2. Hogan’s MTA said “No one but the FTA can make us obey our Mitigation Commitments, But FCCT filing shows the FTA did not even have copies of the MTA’s Mitigation Compliance Plans”

3. Trump’s FTA said, “No one can make us obey if we violate the law at least 151 days after we promise to uphold the law throughout the course of the project.” But FCCT replied “That is not what the law says, and anyway, you promised twice, once when the Final EIS was accepted before you broke the law again, and once when you signed the grant more than two years later, and you continued to violate the law now.”

Download (PDF)

Download (PDF)