The Capital Crescent Trail offers unique recreational opportunities in an increasingly urbanized environment for thousands of users.

As the most popular trail in Maryland, on any given day the trail will host families spending quality time together, bike commuters, parents pushing strollers, pre-schoolers learning to ride, daily walkers, and visitors from around the region and the world.

The Capital Crescent Trail is a nature sanctuary – an extended park, lined with thousand of trees, including beech, sycamore, maples, tulip poplars, and black walnuts. The tree canopy shades hikers and bikers, and shelters deer, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and a wide variety of wild birds.

The trees also provide an important buffer between commercial areas and adjoining residential neighborhoods filtering air, water and noise pollution. The region’s tree cover is already far below the level recommended by the Society of American Forests and even the State’s own No Net Loss Task Force.  The trees bestow significant environmental benefits to an area that is losing its tree canopy at an alarming rate.

The Capital Crescent Trail helps create and support the region’s culture of healthy living, outdoors enjoyment and environmental awareness.  These immeasurable benefits have already been bestowed on an entire generation – our goal is that they are here for generations to come.