•  It is unsafe to run 50 MPH trains where children play and walk to school
  •  Four schools are within one block of the Capital Crescent Trail between Bethesda and Silver Spring


  • Clear-cutting an existing linear park inside the Beltway is unacceptable in this age of environmental consciousness
  • Air pollution will increase inside the Beltway because the Purple Line means more electrical generation from coal and the destruction of thousands of trees that currently capture greenhouse gases
  • Water pollution into the Chesapeake Bay will increase with the increase in stormwater runoff now absorbed by forest land
  • Noise pollution for area residents will increase due to loss of tree canopy and trains running every three minutes
  • Endangered species–some of the last remaining protected amphipods in our national capital area and Rock Creek watershed–may be lost, along with the trees and seeps that are essential for their habitat.


  • Contingent on the Purple Line are large scale commercial and residential developments adding tens of thousands of cars inside the Beltway on already congested roads
  • 80% of riders are expected to come from existing mass transit according to Purple Line planners – cars won’t be taken off the roads
  • We want transportation plans that focus on traffic reduction not development


The contract cost for the Purple Line is $5.6 billion over 30 years–a de facto long-term debt increase for Maryland of 15% to 40%.

  • The exorbitantly expensive Purple Line would harm transit – and has already caused loss of funding for east-west bus improvements and for north-south congestion relief initiatives.
  • Maryland plans to raid MARC train fare revenue to pay Purple Line debt.
  • Metro is in deep disrepair.  Fix Metro first!